коктйели детокс

vol.:330 ml

коктйели детокс

vol.:330 ml

фруктовые смузи

vol.:330 ml

свежевыжатые соки

vol.:330 ml

свежевыжатые соки 1 литр

1000 ml



фруктовые салаты

net weight: 250 grams

купить детокс в Москве

Bolshoy Palashiovskiy lane, 1/14 c1
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Moscow, Mitino
Mitinskaya str., b.16 (apart-hotel YE'S)
phone: +7 (495) 640 45 51

GreenGo shop is a healthy space in the heart of the capital made for the people who cherish their bodis, for those who know how to get pleasure from the right things. 
Vegetarians, fitness-addicted, runners and startuppers with fresh ideas - you are always welcome! 
You will find a wide range of fresh smoothies and cocktails, and enjoy plenty of vitamines which you can always find here in fresh fruits, vegetables and salads.

Оpen from 9 am till 11 pm

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- to share an opinion,
- to propose a cooperation
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